November 21, 2006

From Sweater to Slippers and Socks

another problem i have with knitting socks and slippers is that everyone wants the warmest of the warm and that means wool! well, of course i want to knit everything in wool but that can get expensive and, more importantly, it makes me sneeze, A LOT! i am allergic. so, here we get the best of all worlds . . . cheap wool (another $3 wool sweater from the thrift store), felted by washer and dryer (so i had no contact with the sneezy stuff), sews up in a snap (to minimize handling time). and one sweater produced a cozy holiday gift for my bro-in-law (who does not know about this blog as far as i know) AND a new pair of socks for me! i got the pattern for the slips at i know, my obsession is a bit old, but i just combo-ed up her two ideas (felting old sweaters and a slipper pattern) and created a great gift. hey, i need all the help i can get, this year we are having a made christmas! so, i suppose you will be seeing a lot more slippers in the near future. anyhoo, the FASTEST WOOL SOCKS EVER WHICH REQUIRED NO KNITTING were the sleeves of the sweater. all i had to do was sew up the toe. and yes, the wool does make me itch (i am allergic AND have sensitive skin) so i threw in a fleece liner for comfort. i put one in the slippers too for good measure. really the best part of these felted wool projects is that you can LEAVE THE UNFINISHED EDGES because they're cute and WON'T FRAY. love it!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited when I read and viewed your projects..I am the Pres. of a woman's church group (Relief Society, LDS church),and we do humaitarian projects..what a great idea I am thinking for that cause..slippers and socks. I am curious about the socks..did you just sew up the toe and there wasn't anything else required? Loved the look of the singing holiday slippers..what about hats? have you done anything in that area? Thanks for the inspiration. Sharlene..P.S. I used to live in Juneau years ago..I loved it!!

Tanna P . . . aka said...

Thanks Sharlene!! When I made these socks it was truly that simple- just sewing the toe. I think I may be posting a more in-depth tutorial on them this weekend on my other blog, so stop by!

I've made tons of hat (crocheted), and I tried a few hats out of the felted sweaters, but it was a bit more difficult. I haven't quite perfected that pattern, but when I do, you'll be the first to know!

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